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Is there any taste?

Is there any taste?

While many brands claim that there is no taste or flavour, we have sat around the table with friends carefully tasting and smelling collagen powders.


Some lower grade marine and bovine collagens have a definite trawler and beefy tone.  Our top-grade products have a more delicate smell, but if you are unused to taking vitamin supplements you may detect a slight metallic tang.


In the end it comes down to personal taste and smell.  You can get used to it, but if you struggle and are limited to time, many users like us add it to coffee or orange juice.  It dissolves (more quickly and efficiently in a little hot water) so you can blend, shake, or stir it, with any food or liquid hot or cold.


If necessary, you can always divide up your recommended serving and take it in smaller quantities through the day if you prefer. 
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