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Customer Reviews

Lucie - Nutritional Therapist & WALX Master.

“I am a nutritionist and I have just ordered a bag of the Marine Collagen as both my husband and I have been using it for a few weeks and are so far very impressed with the results in such a short space of time.”⁣

Lewis Moody, former England RFU, 2003 RWC Winner and The British and Irish Lions. 

“Since I have been taking GenallocX Collagen, I do feel that I have more energy and a few of the old niggles don’t hurt as much. I recently broke my ankle and I am sure GenallocX Collagen helped with the recovery”  

Julia from Wrington

“Working as a Primary School Teacher I have long and tiring days. Since I have been taking GenallocX Collagen I definitely have more energy and a spring in my step"   "

Laurie Williams, Paralympics Team GB Athlete.

“I found so many benefits when using GenallocX. It has been fantastic for my recovery when competing and training and my sleep has improved. I’ve also seen benefits in my overall skin and hair quality, I would definitely recommend using GenallocX”

David from Nantwich
"Brilliant product. I took GenallocX to help with the recovery of a 10cm cut on my hand.It only took 3 weeks to recover and now I can barley see the scar !”

Tim Stimpson, former England RFU and The British and Irish Lions.
"My body is sore from throwing myself around on the cricket field, but I'm out there pretending I'm still twenty something. I am sure my body feels better for my daily breakfast GenallocX collagen latte."

Mark from Sevenoaks

“I have been using the GenallocX Bovine Collagen for about 9 months and have seen real benefits in both performance and recovery. The product works brilliantly in a smoothie, shake or as part or my breakfast bowl. Awesome product ! "

Kirsty from Hove

“Your Collagen has kept me well while the rest have gone down with colds! Keep it coming!"

Juliet from Guildford

"I have really noticed a difference after two months taking this daily - my hair is thicker and softer and my nails are stronger. I also feel more energetic. I will definitely keep taking this!"⁣

Amy from Kent

"I've been taking GenallocX collagen in my morning coffee for a few months now, and have really noticed how it has enhanced my overall body health. I have a sedentary office job, but love to fill my free time with horse-riding, dog walking and the gym. I cannot recommend GenallocX highly enough for anyone with an active lifestyle!"

Clare from Sevenoaks
"I started taking GenallocX Hydrolysed Marine Collagen last summer. Within a month, the hard skin on my heals had completely disappeared, leaving my skin super soft. My nails are long and strong (despite dealing with horses on a daily basis).  Couldn’t recommend more!"

Sara Bayman, Director of Netball for Loughborough University.
"I definitely feel less fatigued since using GenallocX, helping to get me through a busy season. I noticed a reduction in soreness in my knees post-exercise."

Eve from Dorset

"I started using Genallocx Bovine Collagen when I was recovering from a broken ankle. It’s easy and pleasant to take as part of my morning routine; with cereal, coffee or orange juice. Mobility in the joint is now back to normal and I am continuing to use Genallocx as I have found it helps to maintain the spring in my step! "

Phil Burgess, former England Rugby 7's and Team GB.
"GenallocX is now part of my daily routine. Since I have been taking it I feel that I have more energy and it takes less time to recover after training"

Nick from Salisbury

"Sleep is such an important part of training & recovery. Since taking GenallocX my sleep patterns seem deeper & more refreshing."

Catherine Spencer, former England Rugby Captain.

“As someone who played contact sport for over twenty years my body was starting to creak a bit; I can’t say that the creaks have disappeared completely but since I have started taking GenallocX collagen it has definitely felt a little easier getting out of bed in the morning!”

Helen from Tunbridge Wells

“I have been taking GenallocX Wild Caught Hydrolysed Marine Collagen for several months and it has definatley helped my skin, hair and nails. It is easy to take and much better than other brands that I have tried ”     

Diane from Preston

“ I personally have noticed my skin is a lot better....I can particularly notice my shins which have historically been flaky with me wearing pants or leggings most days for walking. My skin is softer and feels very smooth. This is a noticeable improvement.”

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